Milestone works for the complete satisfaction of its customers.
All products and parts sold by Milestone enjoy a LIMITED WARRANTY, which is solely and exclusively against manufacturing defects, offering a replacement of the product as long as it is within our company’s policies.

All our products are unique pieces made by hand, so there will be no identical pieces, and it is expected that each piece will contain slight variations to the original design authorized by our clients.

The WARRANTY WILL BE VOID in the following cases:

  • When the product presents physical damage due to misuse, excessive use, manipulation, or neglect.
  • Damage generated by the presence of harmful elements (liquids, acids, dust, organic or inorganic bodies, chemical substances, etc.) that are not part of the product.
  • Damage caused by accessories or external equipment not specifically designed for said product.
  • When the product has been altered or repaired by persons not authorized by the Milestone Company.


Milestone does not accept repairs. In case of manufacturing defects, it will be replaced with a new buckle for the client.